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Our Story

"Wait, what...!?" - Me realizing most people don't know where their hard earned salaries were spent.

I was talking to a girl I liked and found out she has no idea what happens to her money after she gets paid.

"Oohhhhh, no wonder..." - My answer when she told me:
To become good at finances you first have to read.
Most the books are kinda boring, mostly complex, with no step by step guide to how to master your money.
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What was easy to me did not come natural to others... So I started helping out my friends.
I can still remember counting pennies, and arranging tax document by day, month, year as  a kid. Growing up in a family full of bankers, accountants & financial officers, I was certain about becoming an accountant by the age of 8.

No, I did NOT become an accountant or a banker, when trying out the first job stuck behind a desk crunching numbers all day I decided it wasn't for me.

Well this is it: My Personal Finance Guide
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My Personal Finance Guide

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